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Enterprise Applications

Enterprise Application is the foundation of any IT structure. Rapid and unpredictable changes present a host of challenges for companies and cost optimization and business dexterity are two of the top priorities of all organizations. In such a situation, organizations are looking to apply standardized business practices and minimizing application life-cycle costs.

Business intelligence

With the large volume of data that organizations generate as well as capture, the challenge facing management is how to derive meaningful insights for better decision making. Toward that end Piepeople's Business Analytics Services provide an inclusive set

Staffing Services

Piepeople has changed all the rules about how staffing has been done in the past and the leading the way in how it should be done. Probably the last bastion of high quality staffing, Piepeople has an intensive screening process

Cloud Solutions

Piepeople's Cloud offering includes Strategic Cloud Planning, Cloud Migration Services, Cloud Solutions including evaluating third party softwares and Cloud Management and maintenance.

Mobile Solutions

Mobility more than any other technology since the internet has disrupted how people and enterprises work today. The rapid pervasiveness of mobile devices has completely changed the face of how companies conduct business by releasing businesses

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