Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI)

This industry landscape has been undergoing transition at a rapid pace. Pressures of customer retention, product and channel profitability, risk management, and improving financial performance have compelled financial institutions to aggressively implement a range of IT solutions ensuring customer satisfaction.

Customers (retail and corporate) have become increasingly discerning in all respects. Various digital channels like mobile, IVR, browser, and ATM have become very important since 24/7 availability of information is a must. With our content framework, financial and non-financial information is distributed through these digital channels seamlessly and securely.

Our achievements:

  • Financial solution to enable all bank customers to apply for public issues through stock exchange
  • Loan portfolio for home / personal / commercial on internet and mobile banking
  • Internet, mobile, and SMS banking
  • BI / DW solutions for BFSI clients to enable them to take informed and accurate decisions

Our services:

Our team is adept at providing banking solutions for BFSI in:

  • Internet banking
  • Mobile and SMS banking
  • Public issues for IPOs rights mutual funds
  • Data warehousing solutions

Our team of skilled professionals have worked with several financial institutions to simplify complex banking procedures and deploy solutions that can turn heterogeneous data into actionable intelligence.