Mobile Solutions

Mobility more than any other technology since the internet has disrupted how people and enterprises work today. The rapid pervasiveness of mobile devices has completely changed the face of how companies conduct business by releasing businesses from fixed locations and providing tremendous innovation and value to help exponentially grow their business. As with any rapidly deployed technology, there are many challenges in harnessing the full potential of mobility.

Challenges & Opportunities

  • New Business Models in a Mobile World: The speed of growth of mobility has necessitated rapid implementation of a plethora of mobile technologies and platforms and businesses and often feel the challenge of adaptation. This complex web of human and infrastructure resources can put tremendous pressure on businesses. There is an urgent need to look beyond traditional technologies and processes to implement mobility specific business models such as mobile payment portals and On-Demand Provisioning.
  • New Business Process for a Mobile World: The pervasiveness of smartphones and other mobile devices has brought into the fray erstwhile non-internet users and diminished the distance between businesses and their customers. This disruptive model of doing business requires a significant overhaul of strategies and technologies to in order to realize the full potential of mobility. The new strategy relies heavily on the backbone of Cloud and data Analytics as well as location to influence business policies.

Mobile Solutions:

  • Mobility Roadmap
  • Porting and Upgrades
  • Platform Development
  • Mobility Testing
  • Android
  • iPhone IOS
  • Window 8 Mobile Platform